Key Features and Functionalities

Our CCTV system is designed specifically for day nurseries:

Digital recordings
The CCTV digital recorder provides the facility to store large quantities of data and automatically overwrites old recordings, so there is no need to change and archive video tapes. Recordings can also be easily burnt onto CD/DVD to keep.

18 months footage
Our ample hard disk space allows CCTV footage to be kept for 18 months. This is especially designed with nurseries in mind, so that important evidence is not lost should a dispute arise. An Ofsted complaint or investigation typically occurs 8 to 16 weeks after the incident, so all footage would still be available to review.

Motion-detection technology
Motion detection automatically stores images showing movement. This helps to improve hard disk storage, and reduces hours of wasteful recording of inactive premises during the night. Our system cleverly stores images of what took place in the 10 seconds before and after a camera was activated by motion detection, giving you extra peace of mind that no movement was missed.

Infra-red technology & vandal-resistant protection
Infra-red integrated camera gives you true 24-hour surveillance. Colour pictures are recorded during the day and then once the camera detects it is getting dark it automatically switches to black and white. This combination ensures the highest quality recording in conditions varying from bright daylight to complete darkness. The vandal-resistant housing also ensures that your camera would work reliably even under the most vicious attacks.

Office monitor
The monitor in the office allows the nursery manager to have a general view of all rooms and outdoor areas whilst working. It is also a great way for new parents to see how their child is settling in once they have left the playroom, as the live images can be viewed through the monitor in the manager
's office.

Customised CCTV signage
When installing CCTV cameras, it is a legal requirement to notify the public of the presence of cameras. Our CCTV signage is specially designed to suit the warm and friendly environment of your nursery. Each sign is customised with your logo and details and complies with Data Protection Act and Ofsted guidelines

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