METHLEY Nursery installed parental webcam
Published on 17/2/2005, Pontefract Express

A METHLEY Nursery has become one of the first in the region to install webcams that let parents monitor their children.

The cameras at the Ladybird Nursery, Church Side, let mums and dads watch their children online.

"The cameras mean that parents needn't worry about their children while they are at work and they promote good practice and high standards."

Parents can use the NurseryCam facility by being given a special password that is changed regularly.

Nursery owner Ann Neal, said: "The real bonus of the system is that it allows parents to witness important milestones in their children's lives that they might otherwise have missed while at work."

And even if a parent misses an important moment, the nursery can record the footage on to a CD.

Mrs Neal added: "We work to a very high standard whether we are being watched or not - good nurseries have nothing to hide."

Pictured above with the office monitor is nursery manager Nicola Cooper.

And right Lynsey Sheppard (Early Years Practitioner) with Tom Ibbeson. One of the CCTV cameras can be seen in the background.

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