Cameras Keep Watch On Tot
Nursery installs CCTV to reassure parents

Published on
22/06/2006, Bootle Times by Paula Owens

A BOOTLE nursery is using a CCTV system to allow parents to watch their children during the day over the Internet.

Pembroke Nursery, in Pembroke Road, has become one of the first in Merseyside to use such a system.

Sixteen cameras have been fitted throughout the nursery, which accommodates up to 45 children aged between three months and four years old.

There are 14 indoor cameras, at least one in each room, and two on the building's exterior.

Nursery manager Alls-on Graham said: "In my office I have a large screen which shows all the images being recorded."

"Given the size of the nursery and the extensive layout of our gardens and entrances, we felt that CCTV would be a positive addition."

"It helps reassure parents that we have their child's safety and welfare in mind at all times."

"The use of CCTV means we can see anything that might happen anywhere in the nursery - an accident in the playroom for example, we also know exactly who has entered the nursery."

"We can play back the footage to parents so they can see for themselves exactly how any accident may have occurred."

"The system is also reassuring for our staff as there is reliable evidence should their conduct come into questions."

Parents can view their child throughout the day by joining NurseryCam.

For a one-off 10pounds fee, they set up a NurseryCam account, receive a password and can log in whenever they want to check on what their child is doing.

Ms Graham, of Maghull, said: "Most of our parents were delighted about NurseryCam and joined up, but there were a few who couldn't as they would not be able to log on at their workplace."

She added: "The children enjoy it too as they can watch their friends on my screen, and they think they're on TV!"

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