NURSERY: See baby's first step at your desk
ONE of the biggest worries of working parents is the prospect of missing out on an important moment in their baby's life, such as taking their first step.
Published on 15/7/2005, Evening Telegraph

Now mums and dads at the Peterborough Day Nursery are taking advantage of new technology which allows them to keep watch over their little darlings, however far away they are.

The nursery, which has been open for six weeks, has installed a webcam in each room of the building in Priestgate, allowing parents to log on to a special website and watch their child whenever they want.

The "eye in the sky" also has a recording facility, so staff can create a disc of any special moments parents may have missed while they were away.

Nursery owner Lynne Steward said: "We think we are one of the first nurseries in the country to install this, and we believe it's the way forward.

"We have had lots of parents saying what a good idea it is. I think working mums and dads can experience a lot of guilt about being away from their baby, and, naturally, they worry about them. This way, they can check up on them whenever they want."

"It's also very good for staff, too, because it means that if anyone was accused of doing something untoward, we could check the tape."

"There are very strict security measures in place to ensure the webcam can only be accessed by parents."

"Each of them has a special password and they can only access the cameras in the room their child is in on the day they are in."

"All the information is encrypted and we monitor usage to ensure there are no suspicious patterns."

Donna Masters (23) has been taking her children, Angel (2) and Buster (1), to the nursery since it opened in May.

She thinks the webcam is a brilliant idea: "It's fantastic. Instead of sitting at work worrying, you can check on kids on-line. And, even if you can't get to a computer, you know that there will be other parents checking it, so everything will be safe.

"It's good because if I was to walk in a check on Buster half way through a session, he would start crying and want me to stay, which would be disruptive."

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