Nursery staff under CCTV scrutiny
A new day nursery in Suffolk has fitted webcams into its playrooms to give parents and carers peace of mind about the welfare of their children.
Published on
25 April 2005, BBC MMV

The cameras allow parents to see live internet video images of their children at Rendlesham Day nursery so they can check on offspring and nursery staff.

For those who are without internet access, images can be accessed via mobile phones.

Website access is strictly controlled and can only be accessed by parents.

Dan Powick, joint owner of the nursery, said: "Not only is it only the parents that will be able to see (images of their children), but they will only be able to see the room their child is in and only for the hours their child is there."

He said they had decided to have the webcams because of concerns parents and carers had about the treatment of children in nurseries, especially after a BBC documentary broadcast an undercover report into nursery abuse.

"We are confident in ourselves and our staff," he said.

"The reaction from parents has so far been positive."

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