Parents can check up as nursery goes online
Mums and dads log on to see how their children are doing during the day
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20/7/2005 Bath Chronicle by Anna Mansell

PARENTS of infants at a city centre nursery have become the first in Bath to be able to keep a watchful eye on their children while they are at work.

Zebedees Day Nursery is the first venue in the city to install and have the hi-tech internet-based NurseryCam system up and running.

The webcam system is a highly secure set-up, which allows parents to log on using a password to a safe website so they can see what their offspring are doing at nursery.

NurseryCam was set up to combat many mothers' anxieties about leaving their children in daycare when they return to work.

The director of Zebedees, Sylvie Dorman, said parents at the Avon Street nursery were in favour of the system being introduced and they had no security fears for the children.

"We decided to get this put in to give parents peace of mind," said Mrs. Dorman.

"We have quite a few full-time children whose parents work in offices, and they like to be able to see their children and what they are doing."

"Children can be quite different in nursery to how they are at home."

Mrs Dorman arranged for Dr Melissa Kao, who developed the system, to visit the nursery and meet parents to discuss any concerns they had.

All live images sent through the cameras are encrypted and are protected by multi-layered security measures which can only be broken with the correct passwords, held by bona fide parents.

Mrs Dorman said: "I have been assured by the company, and have looked into it myself, that this is totally safe - it's more secure than some banks' sites."

"All the parents heard from Melissa when she did a talk here and were reassured."

"They can only log on an hour a day, so they can't spend all day at work watching. And it only runs at certain times, for example they can't log on at lunchtime and get panicked about what their child is eating."

A recent survey had shown that many working mums would rather stay at home to look after their children if they could afford it.

As NurseryCam can be seen through the internet, parents can even log on through their mobile phones and from abroad.

Dr. Kao said: "Good nurseries have nothing to hide. NurseryCam allows parents to be more involved in their children's developments."

"It also gives nurseries the opportunity to showcase their wonderful services and further extends their open-door policy."

A second nursery should have the system running when its doors open for the first time in September.

Babyface Nursery, which will be opening in Guinea Lane, has been set up by former Bath Rugby player Steve Ojomoh and his partner Lisa McCool, and the couple have installed the cameras ready for their launch in the autumn.

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