A rough translation of everything should be:


  • The presentator => In great Britain there is a new system of remote supervision which allow parents to know what their children do but the access conditions are very strict.

  • The little girl, class room => The children noticed barely the big black balls above their head. This camera record everything and specially their smiles and for the greatest happiness of their parents. This reinsure parents as they can see their children after feeling guilty in the morning to drop them specially after holidays as they are worried to know what is happening. With this system as soon they switch on their computer, they can check

  • This woman, by the way feel much more happy and relaxed as she can discover from her computer all the activities of her daughter. She may as well follow the little one from the class room to the school recreational yard thanks to 20 camera equipped in the school. The mam "I can see in details what she has done during the day and the evening we can discussed to her and tell her "I saw you did this thing and such this thing". So we can have a proper discussion.

  • (start with the server) The images comes from our central server, we are using the same system as the army to encrypt data and the parents need 2 password to be able to display them onto their computer. A supervision system which is likely to boom very quickly.