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For many nursery owners starting out on a new venture, the 'quality' question presents an interesting conundrum. Should you 'invest in the best' up front in order to attract new parents? Or should you get your business off the ground first before thinking about purchasing some of the top of the range products and services which so often appeal to today's parents?

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Jul/Aug 2007, Nursery Management Today

For those located in high demand areas where there are already a number of nurseries offering good quality care; differentiation through memorable additional features can be a sensible marketing approach. This is exactly the path Gingerbread House nursery near Liverpool took in the early planning stages.

With one successful nursery already under their belts, the owners of Gingerbread House realised there was a gap in the Crosby area for a state-of-the-art nursery with excellent, high quality facilities, top of the range security and some nursery appropriate technology to appeal to modern parents and their children.

Which is why when Gingerbread House opened its doors for business in September 2006, it had already invested in a range of high quality facilities and services in order to set itself apart from the local competition.

A Grade 2 listed building, Gingerbread House is an attractive venue with large, sunny rooms and plenty of space. It has been completely refurbished throughout to an extremely high standard and has parental webcams, CCTV monitors, a fingerprint controlled door entry system, all-weather artificial grass (so the children don't get muddy outside!) a basement climbing frame, electronic white boards and Broadband computer access. For modern parents seeking a modern, state-of-the-art environment for their children, Gingerbread House really fits the bill.

By not compromising on quality from the start, Gingerbread House has created a 'wow' factor which impresses all new parents when they first visit the nursery. For example, the fingerprint operated outer door entry system, combined with security-coded internal doors demonstrates a serious commitment to keeping children and staff safe. And the investment in parental webcams is an innovative way of showing that the nursery understands the concerns of modern parents and, most importantly, is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure their needs are addressed. It is factors such as these which go a long way to putting parents minds at rest ?a key influencer in their decision-making process.

Nursery manager, Pat Haines explains: "We offer something to appeal to everyone here, which I believe is the reason for our success. We are a large facility, and to fill a high number of places, it was vital that we offered something more than the rest." They certainly seemed to have achieved that, having 191 children attending the nursery in just 10 months. Their approach has also made Gingerbread House a talking point amongst parents. By adopting a high tech, high quality strategy early, the business now benefits from the 'grapevine' as parents increasingly recommend their excellent facilities to like-minded friends and colleagues.

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