Internet viewing - How it works

NurseryCam is a secure webcam facility which allows parents to view live video images of their children in day nurseries and pre-schools securely over the Internet. But what is it, really?


In its simplest form, Parental Webcam is a video camera hooked up to the internet in a way that makes the live video viewable via a secure website. Unobtrusive digital video cameras are fitted in each room of the nursery. In order to convert what the camera sees into something that can be transmitted over the internet, a special device called a 'video server' is used. The cameras are plugged into the video server, and the video server is plugged into a high speed internet connection.



Converting all of that video into a format that can be transmitted over the internet creates a large amount of data. The high-speed connection is vital, to be able to transmit all of this data over the internet. ADSL broadband internet is a popular, cost-effective solution which you can also use for your other web surfing purposes.

A nursery computer is not a vital requirement. The stand-alone video server has enough processing power to handle all the required security and transmission functions, as well as having the advantage of low maintenance. Eventually, you do need a computer to log on to your nursery's control page - but you can do this from any computer with internet connection.

When using a broadband internet connection parents can expect a refresh rate of up to eight frames per second. A dial-up connection will deliver one frame per second.

When an authorised parent has successfully logged in, they will see a user-friendly viewing screen that looks like this:




The buttons on the right hand side bring parents to room or rooms where their children learn, play, have fun and sometimes nap. And from here, parents can see your nursery's message board. It provides a wonderful way to help parents stay connected with your centre. Parents will also see the details of their 20 previous login history, an easy way for parents to perform some security check on their own account activity.


While parents are happily viewing, YOU, as the nursery administrator, have full control at your fingertips. You can log onto your Control Panel from your own PC. And all these management functions are done through a user-friendly web-based interface. Please read the Manager Control Panel section.


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What is the different between Parental Webcam and CCTV?

The Parental Webcam system transmits live images via the internet, however it does not store or achieve the images to look at later.

CCTV records images and stores them on a hard disk for up to three months. Images can be viewed live or replayed later on the nursery computer.

Many nurseries choose to have both services as they provide different but complimentary benefits.

Combined CCTV and Parental Webcam system:

The cameras we use for Parental Webcam and our CCTV systems are the same, therefore you can enable the Parental Webcam or CCTV functions at anytime without any extra cost. This gives you the flexibility of installing one service now and having the option to provide the other later.

"I am sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport connected wirelessly using my wireless enabled Laptop in a wireless network "Hotspot" watching my children in the Nursery. Fabulous technology!"
Steve, Parent,  Liverpool.

I purposely chose a nursery that has NurseryCam.  I think it is a really good idea, as it puts my mind at ease when I see my daughter happily playing."

Kelly, Parent, Manchester


"I love being able to watch my little girl at playschool. Especially when her Nanna goes to pick her up and she comes racing across the carpet and leaps into her arms. I usually get a wave down the camera and if I'm lucky a kiss blown to me too! She gets a lot of confidence knowing that I'm watching her and it's nice for me, as I can prompt her when I ask her what she has been doing and she can't quite remember all that she has cramed into the session."

Connie, Somerset


Please send me an info pack & price list