Theft caught on webcam 
A webcam system designed to let parents see their children playing at nursery has caught a pair of thieves red-handed.
Published on Jun 05, Leicester Mercury by David Owen

Police are now using the footage recorded on to the internet to track down thieves who stole the youngster's milk delivery.

Ten webcams were installed in playrooms at Little Angels nursery in Angel Street, Market Harborough.

Less than a fortnight after the new technology was introduced, staff were shocked to find the camera has filmed thieves stealing the nursery's morning milk delivery on Tuesday.

Nursery owner Bridget Crane, 37, said suspicions were raised at 7.30am when staff opening up noticed that was no milk for the nursery's 68 children.

She said: "We rang Kirby and West who said it had been delivered. We just thought it was a bit strange. One of the webcams is trained over the front of the nursery and there is another in our reception area behind a glass door."

When someone suggested we check the webcam to see if the delivery has made, staff were amazed what they saw.

Mrs Crane said: "There were two suspicious looking people with their face hidden by dark sunglass, baseball caps and hooded tops. We just couldn't believe it."

"There they were stuffing the milk cartons into their coats. We were absolutely amazed. Who on earth would want to steal milk from a nursery?"

"We rang the police to come and have a look at the video. We thought it was funny to be honest but, because of the way they looked and how early it was in the morning, they could have been up to no good elsewhere."

The webcams were installed for parents to watch their children at the nursery at any time.

A police spokeswoman said: "We are investigating the theft on some milk cartons from outside of a premises in Angel Street, Market Harborough. The incident took place at about 5.50am on Tuesday."

A second incident was reported later on the same day when two youths were seen acting suspiciously in the area.

Officers went to the Fairfield Road area of Market Harborough but the youths were not located.