Workplace peace of mind for parents 
PARENTS will be able to watch their children play as they work after a new nursery installed a hi-tech webcam system.
Published on 22nd Dec 2005, Derbyshire Times By Helen Beighton

Little Leprechauns Nursery, which opens in Chesterfield’s Broad Pavement on January 3, is the first nursery in the county to join the NurseryCam parental webcam system.

It allows parents to log onto the NurseryCam website and view love images of their children playing during the day - reassuring them that all is well.

Security on the website is tight and parents are given secure passwords and user numbers to log in with.

Nursery managers can block users so that only parents with children in the nursery at a particular time can access the images and parents can send live messages from the website to nursery staff warning them if they are running late.

Grandparents can also be given passwords so that they too can see what their grandchildren are up to.

Helen Smith, joint manager of the nursery, said: "We did a lot of research into NurseryCam and we think it is the way to go."

"The cameras are really clear - you can really view what the children are doing and they cover the whole area of the nursery."

"The system also protects the staff and shows parents that staff are doing their job properly."

"The website is safer than online banking so there is no way it can be hacked into."