Keep any eye on the kids!
Published on 16th Dec 2005, The Star 

BIG BROTHER - and mums and dads - will soon be busy watching toddlers at a Chesterfield nursery.

The new Little Leprechauns Day Nursery in the town centre has become the first in the region to install a NurseryCam system.

No longer will parents have to pine for their offspring, wondering how they are while they are busy at work.

The webcam system means parents can log in on their computers at any time and see exactly what their little ones are up to.

The 26-place nursery, which opens its door early in the new year, has six cameras covering every room in the building.

Little Leprechauns has taken over the lease of a building on Broad Pavement which was previously a council-run crèche.

Co-owners Lorraine Shedd said: "Some children can be upset when their parents say goodbye and that can be something that preys on a parent's mind for the rest of the day."

"They may even feel quite guilty. But actually five minutes later the child is fine and having a good time. With NurseryCam parents can put their minds at rest."

"It also means parents can share their day with their children. They wont have to ask them when they get them home what they've been up to - they will have been able to see for themselves."

Some parents have been concerned about the security of the system, but Lorraince said that wouldn't be a problem.

She said: "It is very secure - parents need a password to access the cameras and we can see who is logged on at any time. Parents can also only access the room where their won child is."

"The whole thing is a very new idea, although it's used extensively in the USA."