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09 Nov 2004, News & Star, Cumbria

Tamalder Childcare in Whitehaven is the latest nursery in Cumbria to be fitted with NurseryCam a webcam which allows parents to watch their children at nursery.

The nursery in Whitehaven is part of the first nursery chain in Cumbria to have the system installed.

NurseryCam is a secure webcam facility which enables parents to see live images of their children via the internet.

Melissa Kao, director of NurseryCam Ltd said: "It is often a dilemma for parents when it comes to choosing whether to work or to look after their children at home."

"This facility allows parents to see their children develop while they're at nursery in a way they might not have been able to otherwise."

"They can watch as their children start to walk or even learn to eat with a knife and fork. It makes the separation process a bit more bearable."

Steve Duff, owner of Tamalder Childcare in Whitehaven and Furness Childcare in Barrow has installed NurseryCam at both sites and believes in operating an entirely open door policy, he said: "We have nothing to hide, so the NurseryCam is a fantastic idea."

"The system has been very successful at our Barrow site, so when we refurbished our Whitehaven nursery we felt it would be a good idea to install it there as well. It will be online this week."

Steve Duff carried out a comprehensive survey among the parents at Furness Childcare which showed 99 percent were very keen on having the system installed.

Those who were unsure were basing their doubts on the security of the system, but once details of accessing the site to view the webcams were explained, more parents were reassured.

Tamalder Childcare has a camera installed in each classroom including an external camera in the playground, there are six in all.

Steve said: "Our open door policy means parents don't have to make an appointment with us, we want them to be able to walk in off the street and see the nursery operating as it always is."

"The installation of NurseryCam is another way of proving we have nothing to hide, as well as being a reassurance to a lot of parents."

Parents will only be able to view the webcam which is operating in the room their own child is in at the time and they will need a password in order to access it. Tamalder Childcare controls who is allowed to view the webcams at their nursery.