Parental Webcam helps nurseries tackle the problem head-on using a highly secure web-cam facility. By enabling parents to view live images of their child at play via the internet from wherever they are, they can see for themselves that their child is fine and the nursery is doing a fantastic job. Parental webcams give parents peace of mind and allow them to be more involved in their children's daily activities.


A 21st century extension of the 'open door policy' Parental Webcam is popular with parents and nursery staff as it provides an easy and effective way of offering reassurance and building trust. Parental Webcams are 5-star facility for greater day nurseries that are so proud of their services that they are happy to let parents to 'drop in' and have a look whenever they like.

A five-star facility for great day nurseries

Parental Webcam is an innovative way of giving your nursery the edge over your competitors. Not only do parents love it, in a practical sense it also clearly demonstrates how proud you are of the consistently high standards of care provided. Allowing parents to 'drop in' to look whenever they like shows that you have the utmost confidence in all your staff. The added benefit of course is that happy parents are also the most effective (and free) way of advertising your services in the local community.

Family-friendly childcare service

Parental Webcam helps to increase parents' understanding and awareness of their children's development. Simply put, the Parental Webcam provides parents with a means to be involved in their child's daily achievements and share to some degree in their milestones. Parental Webcam enables nurseries to work more closely with parents and deliver a family-friendly childcare solution which meets the needs of all.


Increases your occupancy level
Without exception, all of the nurseries that have Parental Webcam installed enjoy full enrolment. This is easy to understand as when given a choice, parents overwhelmingly select a nursery where they can see their children anytime, anywhere. And once parents have used Parental Webcam, they can never go to another nursery without one.


Child psychologist recommends...

"Webcams in nurseries can at least temporarily fulfill some needs of parents avoiding conflict with nursery teachers and children. Webcams are going to change the relationship between children, parents and nursery teachers. The case is a symbol of our time." Dr. Jorgensen. Click Here to find out more about the study.


Nursery owners say:

"... very pleased with NurseryCam. I know that some parents have decided to register their child based on this facility alone."

Michelle Williamson, Twinkle Tots Day Nursery


"We are extremely happy with NurseryCam. We are doing so much better than we'd hoped after 8 months of being open and we believe this is largely due to the fact that parents are attracted by the fact that they can see their children whilst at work."

Tina Powick, Rendlesham Day Nursery


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