Safe and Secure Childcare
CCTV protects children, staff, property and your business. It drives away burglars, stalkers, vandals and other unwelcome visitors. Importantly, it reassures parents that their children are in a safe and secure place at all times.

Premises Security
CCTV is an effective deterrent against criminal activity, even when the premises are empty. At night, the system can be set to only store images triggered by movement, ensuring that nothing is missed, but you are also not storing hours of inactive images.

Avoid False Accusation
If an incident arises, the relevant parties can review the recording and see exactly what took place. The footage gives managers and staff irrefutable evidence to protect them from unfair accusations and, in the worst case scenario, litigation which can take years to resolve and damage your business reputation in the process.

Quality Assurance

The best way to maintain high standards is to have proper procedures in place and, just as importantly, a way of ensuring that everybody adheres to them. CCTV provides management with opportunities to monitor procedures in a realistic context, and a mechanism for learning from mistakes.

Remote Monitoring
Remote playback via the internet helps nursery owners and managers to manage their nursery while being off-site. For those who have to manage multiple nurseries or are responsible for responding to incidents when the intruder alarm is triggered in the middle of the night, it is possible to log in from a home computer to see what is happening. This saves yourself the risk and hassle of having to go to the site and gives a much better chance of helping the police to catch any intruders.

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Nursery owners say:

"It's fantastic to have the knowledge that everything is monitored by the CCTV here. Not so that we are checking up on our staff, but just so that we can show parents we have nothing to hide. NurseryCam also ensures nurseries maintain a very high standard of care. OFSTED described it as having OFSTED in every day!"

Tina Powick, Rendlesham Day Nursery


"The system is good and helps maintain good standard and practices in the nursery and it's very useful."

Shah, Clementswood Neighbourhood Nursery


 "We have all been impressed with how clear the pictures are. Many thanks for your fast and efficient service."
Julie & James, Huggies Day Nursery



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pack & price list