Parents say "You keep families together"

"Living across the other side of the world it is wonderful to see our little grandchild in her daily environment and to see the wonderful care that is shown by her minders it is quite wonderful."
~ Jenny Neal, Sydney Australia

"We are grand parents and live overseas. This allows us keep in touch with our only grand son and see his progress on daily basis and that all is well with him. We think it is a wonderful idea putting modern technology into good use at a time when both parents are compelled to work full time."
~ S.Beidas, Malaga, Spain (child at Cherry Tree Nursery, Berkshire)

"I am sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport connected wirelessly using my wireless enabled Laptop in a wireless network "Hotspot" watching my children in the Nursery. Fabulous Technology!"
~ Steve, Liverpool

"I am SOOOOO excited to be looking at Macy Moo all the way from New Zealand. At this moment in time she is looking intellectual and reading a book - that's my girl! Give her a big kiss from me. Miss you all heaps. Auntie Jenny (and Auntie Fan!)."
~ Jenny, New Zealand (niece at Les Enfant, Inverness)

"I live in Northern Ireland and don't see my grandson very often this is now a lovely way for me to watch him play, take his first steps and grow. Thank you makes me smile now every day."
~ Karen, Northen Ireland (Grandson at Woodside Nursery, Lincolnshire)

"Hi, Its Troy's Dad I'm at work out in Iraq and am enjoying watching my son run around playing, I think that it is great for me to be able to see what he is up to while im away. Thank you to all the staff for the wonderfull job that they do with my son and the other children, Have fun and will see you when i get back :)"
~ Adam, Iraq (Son at Kingscliffe Day Nursery, Loghborough)

" I would like to take this opportunity to praise your facility. We live in Spain near Malaga and get to see our two and a half year old Granddaughter only 4 times a year when she visits us or we visit her in the UK so this gives us the opportunity to see her twice a week and keep up with her progress. For this we thank you. You see you keep families together. I know of two other sets of grandparents who do the same."
Geoff Wray, Spain (Granddaughter at Munchkins Day Nursery, Exeter)

" My name is Miriam and I am Noam's grandmother. I live in Israel and I miss him very much. I cannot find words to express how much I thank you for having installed the Parental Webcam. So I can watch my grandson every day! Thank you!!!"
~ Miriam, Israel (Grandson at Active Learning, North Finchley)

Parents say "Lovely to have peace of mind when you see your precious little one safe and happy"

WebCam in my child's nursery is an easy way to follow my child's daily routine, to watch my child interact with others & to keep up with my child's development. A quick peek would bring me peace of mind all day long."
~ Rubeena Nishad Abdulla, CESK (Doha, Qatar)

" It puts me at ease knowing I can log on and see my child from work :)Also love watching him with his friends..."
~ Bhanu, London

" It's just reassuring to be able to see your baby whenever you like. The nursery she's at is excellent and has brilliant facilities so I have no problems there. I just like the idea that I can see how she is doing during the day especially as I am returning to work this week and she has taken a while to settle in."
~ Sandra Marques, Active Learning Nursery (Dorking)

" I like to watch my son at nursery he is an only child and he is in babyroom. It gives me and my husband piece of mind to be able to see our son from work etc and it stops me worrying so much."
~ Kelly Mcphee, Blackpool

" Having the use of this facility gives a boosted sense of security and reassurance that my son is happy and contented at nursery."
~ Keesha, Liverpool

" Thanks - great service providing peace of mind whilst our daughter was at nursery."
~ Jonathan Mole
" It gives me peace of mind. Knowing that the early stages of settling my daughter into childcare can be stressful for her therefore it's nice I can check and see how she is doing."
~ Sharon, Cumbria

" I believe it's a good idea especially for first time mums to place their child in a NurseryCam nursery as it helps them overcome their fear of leaving their child with strangers and also it show that the nursery is doing its job well by not having to worry that they are being watched."
~ Natalia Nabi, Northampton

" I think it is great, because now I can watch my child whenever I like its good and reassuring. Especially a young mum like me who can be very attached to their child."
~ Tammy Glover, North Wales

" Total peace of mind, lovely to see how happy my 4 children are at nursery and how fantastic the staffs are with the children, I would always pick a nursery with a cam, brilliant picture too!"
~ Helen, Kingscliffe Day Nursery

Parents say "I chose nursery where they have NurseryCam"

I have just enrolled my daughter to where they have NurseryCam and it has given me total piece of mind."
~ Pearson, Bradford

" I purposely chose a nursery that had a web cam. I think it is a really good idea, as it puts my mind at ease when I see my daughter happily playing."
~ Kelly, Manchesterb

" Yes, I would prefer it if there was a NurseryCam because then you can see how they are going on through out the day also if you have left them and they are very upset, you can just check on them to see if they are ok and have stopped crying."
~ Kelly Mcglynn, Blackpool

" When ever I use the webcam it always brings a smile to my face, I love seeing my little girl happy and well when I can't be with her. This is the reason I choose the nursery and I must say it's very very good. Thank you!"
~ Emma, Sheffield

" Active learning is the nursery in my area with a web cam. It was a very important point for our family to be able to see our son during the day, and was the final decision maker between our 2 favourite nurseries."
~ Kate Borhan, Active Learning (Fulham)

" My son has only started nursery in the last month and one of the deciding factors when selecting a nursery was the nurserycam. I love the fact that I can see my son at any time whilst he is there and that the nursery is that confident in its staff and facilities that they offer us this opportunity. I must admit it is quite addictive though..."
~ Maria, Kidz at Work Day Nursery