Manager Control Panel:
User-Friendly and Powerful
Approve/ Decline parent application- You have the final say as to APPROVE or DECLINE each parent's account application before he/ she can view the Parental Webcam footage.

Delete/ Bar account- For families which have left the nursery or are on holiday, you could simply DELETE or BAR their access.

Limit parent's camera access- You can limit which camera(s) each individual parent is allowed to view. For example Johnny's mum only has permission to view the Bear Room camera and the Garden camera.

Limit parent's access time- You can set the limit as to when each individual parent can have access. For example Johnny only comes in on Wednesday afternoon, so his mum has permission between 1:00pm - 6:00pm on Wednesday.

Logbook of all parents' usage- The logbook lists all the parents who had logged in, at what time and from where. Should any login fail, the system states the reason for the failure.

Message board- The online message board is an excellent way for you to communicate with parents as they log in. For example "Don't forget Farmer John is visiting on Wednesday morning!"

We Run The Technology

While you have full control of the system, we are doing all the work in the background.  We look after the system from our centralized NurseryCam Operation Centre, eliminating the need for costly server equipment to be purchased by your nursery, as well as reducing the time and money involved in maintenance and upgrades. Our services include:

  • management of parent viewing accounts

  • technical support for nurseries & parents

  • 24 x 7 security checks

  • free software upgrades

  • remote system administration

  • system performance monitoring

  • and many more...

We run all of the technology, so that it is completely hassle-free for you.  After all, you want to spend your valuable time with the children and staff at your nursery. 


Top Quality System

NurseryCam is a state-of-the-art system where advanced technologies are used to guarantee security, reliability and performance.  It is supported by a team of professional engineers who are quick to address your problems.  It is safe, reliable and hassle-free.


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Beware! Other systems are only half as good

The key to the success of nursery webcams is for parents to be able to view the images from work. However, many large organisations have complex company firewall systems and proxy servers which limit what can be viewed on the internet.

Our firewall tunnelling viewing mode ensures ALL of your parents can see their children in their workplaces - even those working within banks or military compounds. Our system is compatible with Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux, and can bypass all kinds of corporate firewalls and proxy servers. Other webcam systems do not have the same functionality, which can mean that up to 50% parents would not be able to see their children from their work-based PC.

"Its a simple registration process and easy for me to program in for only the days that the child is present. I'm very pleased that I chose this system. Thanks NurseryCam."

Michelle Williamson, Twinkle Tots Day Nursery