Nursery has finger on button
Fingerprint entry system first in county
Published on 13th Jan 2007, Addlestone & Byfleet Review by Beth Woodger

STATE-of-art security equipment has been installed at a children's day nursery near Chertsey, enabling parents' fingerprints to be scanned and recognised before they can gain entry to the premises.

Rainbow Nursery in Lyne is the first day nursery in the county to install the hi-tech entry system, which allows children to remain in a safe and secure environment while in day care.

The parents now have the reassurance of knowing that visitors to the premises must have their fingerprints checked in order to open doors and gain access.

Paul Kapila and his wife Renu have owned the nursery for the past five years and previously a fob entry system was used to gain access to the building.

Each parent of a child at the nursery was issued with a fob to keep on a keyring, whichwhen swiped whould allow them access.

Mr Kapila said: "We were using a fob system but it was not foolproof because people could lose their fobs and I was keen to have something more advanced in place."

"The idea of fingerprint recognition was brought to our attention by a company called NurseryCam and it was what I was looking for, so we decided to go ahead with the installation."

"The nursery caters for babies from three months old to children up to five years. The new system allows parents the freedom of coming into the nursery when they feel like it and not necessarily at a specific time."

"Parents place their fingers on a panel at the door, which allows them entry if it recognizes the fingerprint."

Mr Kapila said that parents have responded positively to the installation of the entry system and it is more secure than the previous system."

He added: "It is more advanced than the fob system. There's the possibility of losing a fob but hopefully not your finger. It is a more sophisticated and sensitive system."

"It takes about 30 seconds for the nursery parents to register on the system. Their fingerprint is scanned by an electronic scanner and stored on a computer."

The computer saves a numerical pattern for the fingerprint, which links up with the parent's fingerprint when they scan their finger for entry.

NurseryCam is also able to install webcams in nurseries to allow parents to keep in contact with their children via the internet.

Melissa Kao, company director of NurseryCam, said: "Rainbow Nursery is the first nursery in Surrey to install the fingerprint entry system and one of about 40 across the country that have purchased the system."

"Fingerprint entry systems are becoming popular. The idea is still very hi-tech, as it was previously used in military or very high security areas. The price has become more affordable and nurseries are starting to take advantage of this."