1. Can I install cctv first and perhaps install parental webcam after that?
Our DVR is parental webcam ready. Therefore, it is fine to just install the CCTV cameras with our DVR first and activate the Parental Webcam when you are ready. The monthly charges for the parental webcam will only be charge once this service is activated.

2. What is the next step after I confirmed my order?
After we receive your floor plan, we shall carry out the plan as follow:
  1. Designed the camera locations.
  2. Send it to you to have a look to see if all the camera positions are ok.
  3. Show it to our engineer & get all the equipment onsite.
  4. When all the equipment onsite, we will send our engineer down to have a look around based on the floor plan & straightaway start the installation.
3. Can we book for visit on-site to understand the construction of the nursery?
Normally, we could advise accordingly to the floor plan.However, our engineer would advise you on the spot if there is any problem & get the confirmation from you. Therefore, we don't provide any site survey for our customers because our engineer would be able to start the installation on the spot. I hope this will help you to minimize our nursery's cost as each site survey is chargeable. The engineer has to be paid for each callout.

4. Can we source our own DVR since the cost is high, is your software compatible with other DVR?
Our DVR is also slightly different and more powerful than other DVRs. Our DVR is not for domestic use, it is a very high end DVR that actually being used at airport and casino. Allow me to illustrate our DVR a little further:
  1. a large 3000GB hard disk that able to record up to 24 months recordings.
  2. a Firewall Tunnelling viewing mode that allows all parents to login from anywhere even behind the most toughness corporate firewall or using any machine including Apple Mackintosh, iPhone, Blackberry & other Smartphone.
  3. Using H.264 format that provide a faster viewing speed for parents.
  4. It can be last for 10 years conservatively.
5. Is your system compatible with our own cameras?
In order to use our parental webcam, we have to use our Digital Video Recorder. For the cameras that you have installed, our system is compatible and we are happy to work with these.

6. Could we install the software in both Mac and i-phone?
Yes, you can install both on your Mac & iPhone.
For the CCTV software installation on your Mac, we will remote connect to your Mac & help you to install the software. It takes around 15 minutes. For the iPhone application installation, it takes around 5 minutes to install.

7. Could we have the viewing access when I'm travelling abroad?
Yes, when you abroad, you can view as long as there is a wifi connection.

8. Is the DVR can record up to 30 days?
For the recording, it is not a problem. Our DVR comes with a large 3000GB hard disk where most of our nurseries have the recording up to 18 months with a normal frame rate (1 frame per second). However, if you would like to have a higher frame rate then the recording can be at least 3-6 months.

9. For security purpose, Do I have the full control or authority to manage the parents access?
For the security issue, yes, you or the nursery will have a full control over the parents' access. We have a nursery control panel where you can login to control all the parents' camera & time access. For eg, parent A only can view camera 1 & 2 from Monday-Thursday 9-11am, while parent B only can view camera 2 & 6 from Thursday-Friday 11am-3pm. All the parents would need to apply a parental webcam viewing account & you or the nursery will login to the nursery control panel to approve / decline their account. And, there is a logbook in the nursery control panel. The logbook would shows all the parent name, login date & time, country, Internet Service Provider (ISP), IP address and reason of failed to login.

10. Could we only be given through IP address to one of the parents' home device?
Regarding your concern about access shall only be given through IP address to one of the parents' home device, as mentioned above, we will log down the IP address for each parent login where it showed in the logbook. Therefore, technically we can do that, but we have not implemented this control. This practically do not enforce because most of the people is having dynamic IP address in UK or Europe and in most of the other countries. We can implement this, but we will need to look at the potential volume for the implementation as there is a cost of development.

11. Is there a security system to stop any recording being done at the parents end i.e. from within the device?
We did not provide any recording tools in our parent login, we do have the term and condition in written which prohibited the recording action. To be honest, this is quite hard for us to prevent parent from recording through any other devices. For example, the parent is login to the system through their own PC or desktop, and they recorded the video through their own mobile phone, tablet or any other devices. Unfortunately, this is too difficult to control such behavior to take place.

12. Do I need to wait for the new DVR before I can log into remotely?
We will now configure the 16-ch DVR and get it posted to you shortly. Kindly follow these steps after you received the 16-ch DVR:
  1. Unplug all the cables from 8-ch DVR to 16-ch DVR.
  2. Put the 8-ch DVR into the box, then post it back to us. The postal address is:
    46 Abbotswood
    GU1 1UY
    United Kingdom.
For the remote support session, no, we do not have to wait for the 16-ch DVR. We shall give you a call on Friday for the remote session. Our account team will issue the invoice to you shortly.

1. For within UK purchase, how is the payment term?
For order in UK, we usually require upfront payment of deposit on order confirmation, and full balance after installation.

2. For international purchase, how is the payment term?
For all international orders, we usually require upfront payment of deposit on order confirmation, and full balance pre-flight.

3. Do you accept credit card for payment?
Unfortunately we do not accept credit card. Payment can be made by BACS transfer or by cheque payable to "Nurserycam Ltd". The details for bacs payment are as below:-

Account Name: NurseryCam
Business Address: 46 Abbotswood, Guildford, GU1 1UY, United Kingdom

Bank name: HSBC
Bank address: HSBC, 8 Canada Square, 13E04 01, London, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB87HBUK40380432500922
Sort Code: 40-38-04
Account Number: 32500922

4. Can you please provide me with the latest price list, I would like also know if it is a one off payment or monthly maintenance fees.
For the CCTV alone there is no monthly fee, there is a small fee for the Parental Webcam service. The Parental Webcam fee includes parents being able to view the cameras but all the support your nursery and parents need is included in that price.

Please kindly contact our Sales Team for a obligation-free quotation and full price list.

5. How is the parental webcam monthly fee calculated?
The monthly fee for the parental webcam service is chargeable based on the total registered ofsted places and not the total number of parents. This fee will be charge after the webcam service is activated.

6. Can I setup standing order to pay for the monthly fee?
We take monthly payments via direct debit, our sales team will send you a Standing Order Mandate to help you in setting it up, upon your order confirmation.

All you would have to do is to:
  1. Sign and Date the Standing Order Mandate.
  2. Direct to your bank & let us know afterward..

Delivery and Installation
1. Full installation definition
Full installation including to install all cables and to be carried out at the building stage of the nursery before the walls or ceilings are made good, including full labour and all material. And to install and commission cameras and system, and to carried out after all renovations to the nursery is completed, including full labour and any materials required.

2. First Fix Installation definition
To install all cables and to be carried out at the building stage of the nursery before the walls or ceilings are made good, including full labour and all material.

3. Second fix installation definition
To install and commission cameras and system, and to carried out after all renovations to the nursery is completed, including full labour and any materials required (to be provided all cables are the correct types, at pre-specified locations and at working conditions).

4. What is the next step after I've made the payment?
We are now organizing a date for the installation and preparing the equipments to be delivered. We will let you know once we have the date from the engineer. At the same time, we would like to book a remote support session with you to setup the router so that we could get the DVR configured and post to you as soon as possible. Could you provide us with the following IT details:-

IP address:
Router gateway

5. We would like to go ahead to replace the cameras and cables. How soon can this be arranged?
We would start to organize the installation and normally, the engineer will need 2-3 weeks notice. We understand your urgency and we will try to get the earliest time for you.

If you don't find your question above, please kindly contact our Sales Team for further consultation.