Support Questions for Parents
1. How do I sign up a parental account?
Firstly, please get the Centre ID and Centre Pin from your nursery manager. Secondly, go to, click on the "Parent Sign Up", fill in your details and click "Submit". Your application will then be forwarded to your nursery for approval.

2. How long does it takes for my application to be approved?
Your application is being processed by your nursery, we do not process parent's application at NurseryCam. And when your nursery has approved your application, you will receive an automatic email notification. Considering that they are naturally rather busy at the nursery. It takes about few days. If you like to enquire about the process, please contact your nursery manager. It may also help to speed up the process if you let your nursery know that you're waiting.

3. How do I apply as secondary parent?
To apply as secondary parent, please ask the primary parent to register for you under the "Configure" tab once he/she logged onto his/her account.

4. How many parental accounts can be registered under a child's name?
Only 2 parental accounts can be registered under the same child name.

5. This is my first time login. How do I view on ActiveX mode?
To view on ActiveX mode, please ensure that you've downloaded the latest ActiveX and that you're using Internet Explorer to login.

6. Where can I download ActiveX?
You can download the latest ActiveX from

7. Can I view on my MAC device?
Yes, you're able to view on your MAC device by selecting the "Firewall Tunnelling" mode, below where the images should be.

8. Can I view on the webcam via my smartphone?
Yes, you're able to view it on your smartphone by logging into our mobile website. For Android users, please download our NurseryCam Apps from Google Play Store for camera viewing.

9. How do I view on your Android mobile application?
Please go to and download NurseryCam. Once it's downloaded to your mobile phone, please login with your username and password to view the cameras.

10. I am unable to login as it says that "You have exceeded maximum daily viewing time set by your nursery manager". How do I solve this?
It could be due to you're logging in outside the time period you are allowed to view which is set by your nursery. We at NurseryCam do not impose any limit on parent viewing, but most nurseries would. For most nurseries, parents are only allowed to login during the time their children attend the nursery. If you would like more details on access restrictions, please contact your nursery as different nurseries have their own individual policy.

11. My child has just changed to a new room. Could you please alter the camera access for me?
We could not setup or alter your camera access at our end. Your nursery has full control of that. Please kindly contact your nursery manager, and we're sure she could change that accordingly for you.

12. I'm unable to view from my workplace. Could you please sort it out?
It could be the firewall settings in your workplace that is blocking you from viewing the cameras. Please ask your IT person to open TCP Port [Port Number] both ways and direct it to [External IP]. This should help you to get the images. Or you may try to view the cameras on Firewall Tunnelling mode, below where the images should be. This is a viewing mode specially designed for all working parents to bypass the firewall settings in your workplace.

13. I'm able to view the cameras previously. But now, I'm receiving an error message saying that "IE11 does not support ActiveX", how to resolve this?
It seems like your Internet Explorer has been upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). To make your IE11 compatible with ActiveX, please go to // and follow the steps given. This should help you to get the images on ActiveX mode.

14. This is the first time that I'm logging in today. However, I'm not allowed to login and it says that I've exceeded my maximum daily viewing.
Please try to delete your browsing history and cookies before logging in again as it might remember your previous viewing session.

Support Questions for Nursery
1. We're able to view the cameras in our nursery, but a number of our parents saying they're unable to view the cameras. Could you please sort it out for us?
Your webcam system seems to have hanged. Please reboot your DVR and router by turning them off for 5 minutes and then turn them back on again.

2. I've rebooted my system, but it seems like the parents are still unable to view it. What to do next?
It could be network issue. When there is no network connected to the DVR, parents are unable to view the cameras. Please check if you have "NET" light at your DVR, the "NET" light indicates the status of your network connection to the DVR. If the "NET" light is not on, please check if your internet cable has been plugged in properly into the DVR. If it's properly plugged in, please unplug and replug the network cable. And then swap over the network cable to another port of the router. If all the above has failed to get the "NET" light back on, you would probably need a cable replacement.

3. What if the recording only up to a week?
Please check your recording settings, recordings with high resolution might limit your recording period. The default recording settings should be as follows:
  1. Program A (Continuous Recording)

  2. Program B (Motion-detected Recording)

  3. Set your recording setting as Program A during your opening hours so that you can have continuous recording.
    Set your recording setting as Program B when it's outside of your opening hours. You will have recordings when there is any motion detected. (as shown below)

4. What can I do when I receive a error message saying "HDD Failure" on my monitor screen?
When you're receiving "HDD Failure" message, this indicates that your hard disk is having issue, it might be detached or having other issue. If your hard disk is detached, please go to your Control Centre Configuration Tools and click "Disk" to reattach your hard disk. If you're unable to reattach the hard disk using the software, you would need to manually go to your DVR and reattach the hard disk over the "MENU" function at the DVR.

5. What if the system date and time has changed?
You could go to the Control Centre Monitor software and find your DVR unit, right click on it and choose "Configuration", then go to "Date/Time" and check on the timezone. If the timezone is correct but the date and time is still wrong, you might have to change the Date & time (right below the timezone, please refer to screenshot below).

If you're unable to make changes on Date & Time, then you have to manually go to your DVR and change it using the DVR menu function.

6. We've changed a new router recently. Do we need to update any settings?
Yes, we would need to do port forwarding for your DVR in your new router. Please let us know your available date and time for the remote support session as we would need to remote connect to your PC and add the setting for you. At the meantime, kindly provide us with the username and password for your new router.

7. How do I view the cameras on my nursery PC?
Please go to and download the "Control Centre (Ver.3.5). Once it is installed in your PC,
  1. Open Control Centre Monitor.
  2. Find your DVR under "Local Area Units".
  3. Drag the DVR unit to "My Unit", and key in the User ID and Password for your DVR.
  4. Click on to view the live view of the cameras.
  5. Click on again if you would like to turn off the live view.
8. How to playback footage/recordings?
To playback your recordings,
  1. Please go to your Control Centre Monitor.
  2. Right click on your DVR unit and select playback, this should brings you to the Control Centre Playback.
  3. Please select the date and time that you would like to playback and click play.
9. How to backup footage/recordings into a PC?
To backup your recordings,
  1. Please go to your Control Centre Monitor, right click on your DVR unit and select playback. This should brings you to the Control Centre Playback.
  2. Click on , and select the date and time that you would like to backup.
  3. Choose the location to store your video files, and click "OK".
10. How do I burn the recorded footage into a DVD or run it in a third party PC?
Please go to the recorded video files, right click on it, click "Send to", and select DVD RW Drive.

11. What can I do when there is a camera showing "No Video" with no image displayed on the monitor?
For the camera showing "No Video", there are few possibilities:
  1. The camera has some 'static electricity' - could you please try to unplug camera cable from the back of the DVR and plug it back in again?
  2. The fuse has blown - normally if the camera suddenly goes black, this is the likely cause, as a surge has blown the protective fuse to avoid blowing the camera itself. In this case, you would just need to change the fuse. There should be some spare fuse within the fusebox. You would need to test which fuse is for which camera by lifting out the fuse one by one and replace the blown fuse.
  3. The camera is faulty - if the above action all failed, you will need replacement camera.
12. One of my cameras seems not focusing and showing blurry image. What can I do?
You may need to unplug and replug the camera cable to see if the camera is focusing. If this doesn't helps, you would need to remove the cover of the camera and twist the cameras lens. You should be able to see an immediate effect on the camera image if this helps.

13. What can I do when the DVR has starting making beeping sound?
For DVR with beeping noise, there may be an issue with the hard disk. You may use the options below:
  1. Reformat hard disk - reformatting the hard disk will erase all existing recordings. Our support team will assist you to perform reformatting.
  2. Replace hard disk - if the above action failed, you will need hard disk replacement.
  3. Replace DVR - if the DVR model is older version (MD, DS & EH model), you will need a DVR replacement.

If you don't find your question above, please kindly contact our Support Helpdesk for further consultation.