NurseryCam is safer than online banking

Security is our highest priority. As a result, we use the same technologies and processes as online banking and military organisations. In many areas we have even gone few steps further to ensure our system is safer than the on-line banking facilities. It is security to the extreme!

 Other web-enabled systems

There are many companies providing web-enabled CCTV systems. While most of them come with standard security feature such as SSL authentication login, they don't have image encryption function to protect every single image transmitted over the internet. This means images are vulnerable to eavesdropping.

NurseryCam is the only system which encrypts every single image transmitted over the internet. In addition, all points are protected by multi-layered security features to ensure the absolute safety of the system.

We have a CCTV reseller program which allows integration of NurseryCam security technologies into conventional CCTV systems. Please contact us for more details.

Multi-layered Security Protection

Image Encryption (1) - The NurseryCam Parental Webcam system is the ONLY nursery webcam system that encrypts every single image before it leaves your nursery. Image encryption prevents anyone from tapping onto the phone line and eavesdrop the images.

Virtual Private Network 3DES (2) - VPN is a technology that makes a secure tunnel for the transmission of data. It is usually used by large companies to transmit confidential data from one office to another. While each image is encrypted, this secure tunnel provides an extra security layer.

Secure Socket Layer 128-bit (3) - Every parent's login password and all information sent out from the NurseryCam Parental Webcam is encrypted with the military-graded 128-bit SSL protocol.


Secure Parent Accounts

Individual Parent Account (6) - Each parent has an individual password account. No account sharing is allowed, even between mum and dad. This enables us to closely monitor each account and catch any suspicious activity. Issuing of lost/stolen passwords will be restricted to an automated process.

Parent login history (7) - We have developed a proprietary, patent-pending login system where parents can see their last twenty logins including information on login status, location, source and network. Any suspicious activity within their account can be spotted immediately. NurseryCam is proud to have pioneered this innovative security monitoring function - one that it is not matched, even by online banking systems.

Secure Parent Account Application Process (8) - Every parent has to obtain a secret PIN from their nursery before being able to submit an application through our secure application process. The account is only activated after the application has been reviewed and approved by the nursery management. In this process, not even the nursery owner knows the parent's account password.

Automatic Log-out functions (9) - To prohibit unauthorised access to the NurseryCam Parental Webcam from an unattended computer, each account automatically stops image updates and has timed log-outs after five minutes.


Secure Nursery Control Panel

Full control over Parent Accounts (10) - Nursery managers have full control of all parent accounts and cameras. Only the authorised manager can approve, suspend or delete parent accounts.  

Full control over Room and Time Access (11) - Your nursery will limit individual parent's viewing access to only the room(s) his/her child is in (e.g. Bear Room and garden) and the time his/her child attends the nursery (e.g. Monday and Wednesday afternoons only). Plus, you can limit the maximum viewing time per day.


Secure Central Server Protection

Watchdogs (4) - Watchdogs are programmed to routinely check all gateways and detect any suspicious activity or multiple failed attempts. If detected, our security staff are immediately alerted.

Firewalls (5) - Firewalls are used to prevent unauthorised internet users from accessing NurseryCam servers. Each message entering or leaving the NurseryCam servers are examined and those that do not meet our specified security criteria are automatically blocked.

24 Hours Security Monitoring (12) - Our dedicated monitoring team operates 24/7 to ensure that the highest security standard is maintained at all times. An abused account would be suspended immediately and dealt by our security personnel directly.   


Centralised Architecture

Most hackers don't crack into the systems by brute force. Banks and military organisations are often vulnerable because their systems involve many people and multiple access points. The NurseryCam central server is built on a simple, proprietary platform where it is protected by layers of security functions which close off all possible loopholes.


For security reasons we would not disclose certain security details on the web. But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our security department at


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