Complete System Package

Package includes:

   • Digital video recorder (DVR) with inbuilt video server

      - Pentaplex recorder allows live viewing, recording, playback, backup and remote
        access at the same time on all cameras

      - Integrated video server enables internet viewing and playback

      - Easy-to-use software for playback and recording settings configuration

          • Quick and easy to playback recordings of a specific time

          • Motion-detection recording function (perfect for after-hours recording)

      - Parental Webcam ready

   • Western DigitalĀ® hard disks

   • High-resolution indoor dome cameras

   • Outdoor IR vandal-resistant dome cameras (optional)

   • 21.5" LCD Flatscreen monitor

   • Power supply unit

   • 1 year warranty on all equiements

   • 1 year warranty on labour


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What they say:

"We have thought about a parent webcam facility for a long time, but we are glad that we have installed it. It makes my nursery an ever more loving and caring place for both parents and children."

Nursery owner, Hertfordshire


"I have 3 nurseries and other businesses, and I could not spend as much time in the nurseries as I would like. NurseryCam allows me to control my businesses and maintain quality of service even though I am not physically there. And the parents absolutely love it. And I am looking forward to having it installed in my fourth nursery as soon as it is finished being built."

Nursery owner, Cambridgeshire


"It gives us a winning edge over our bigger competitors. For us, NurseryCam gives us a seal of trust."

Childminder, Cornwall


"When the alarm is triggered in the middle of the night, I can quickly login and do a visual verification to make sure everything is OK. It saves me time and brings me peace of mind."

Pre-school owner, Hampshire


"It is great to see my NurseryCam, which comes with advanced CCTV functions, is cheaper than a conventional CCTV system."

Nursery owner, Greater London


"When we first started we were worried about the need to fill up the places. Apart from our top quality, clean settings and excellent staff, NurseryCam is another factor which helped us reached near full occupancy quickly in a short time. When we demonstrate to a parent touring our nursery the features of NurseryCam, it becomes a large factor in that parent deciding to enroll at our place"

New nursery owner, Yorkshire