Seeing your child while at work
Published on 02 Sep 2004, Westminster Independent

One of the hardest tasks for most working parents is leaving their young child at a day nursery or pre-school. For some parents, a phone call to the nursery reassuring them that their child is fine helps them get through the day. With NurseryCam, a secure webcam facility at day nurseries, a working mother could now smile as she could watch the live images of her child via the internet while at work. Grandparents and travelling parents are also big fans of NurseryCam.

"I have used this service for the first time today, and found it to be absolutely wonderful. I have been able to peek occasionally at my daughter, and see that she is content and happy at her nursery. I would otherwise have had an incredibly stressful day at work, but the ability to see my daughter pottering around and playing put the world into a little more perspective," said D.R. of Leicestershire.

"... we have been divorced and I have since moved 180 miles from my two children. We still have a very close tie but we could not meet up as often as we would like... Thanks to our nursery in providing such a wonderful facility, I can now at least see glimpses of my children. Yes, it definitely brings smile on my face!" said another happy parent A. K. of Kent.

"Most nurseries have open-door policy. NurseryCam is an extension to the policy as it allows parents that are not physically nearby to virtually drop-in at breaks" said pharmacologist Dr. Melissa Kao, founder of NurseryCam.

High quality digital video cameras are installed in main play-areas of the nursery, allowing parents to log on at any time of the day to "participate" briefly in their child's activity. Each parent will apply for viewing account electronically. Once their nursery has approved their application, they will then be able to login with their own chosen username and password. Also, parents are only allowed to view the room or rooms their child is enrolled in and only at the time their child attends the nursery.

Melissa said that the nursery has full control over their NurseryCam system. The nursery's manager could manage the parents' viewing accounts and the cameras with the user-friendly Control Panel. NurseryCam is designed to put smile on parents' faces without interfering with the nursery. It allows nursery to set a maximum daily viewing time limit. Most nurseries set it at 15 or 30 minutes and it works very well for both parents and the nursery.

"Security is our highest priority" said Melissa. NurseryCam is, by far, the most advanced webcam system for nurseries and preschools. It gives superior image quality and military-graded security features. It encrypts every single images and its multi-layered security protection is extremely robust. "We are committed to continuously adding the latest security measures to our system, ensuring that our nurseries and parents will always be getting the safest system available." said Melissa.

NurseryCam is rolling out rapidly across the country. Parents' reactions are overwhelmingly positive, and the company predict it will be an inclusive service for all nurseries soon.

For further information on NurseryCam and Internet Viewing Systems, contact: Melissa Kao, NurseryCam Ltd, 214 Crowthorne Enterprise Centre, T-wing, Crowthorne Business Estate, Old Wokingham Road, Crowthorne, Berks. RG45 6AW. Tel: 01344 751 688. Fax: 01344 751 601 or visit: