Log on to see how toddlers are getting on
Published on 21st Sept 05, Sleaford Standard by Andy Hubbert

A SLEAFORD nursery is thought to be the first in the country to enable parents to log onto their own website and check up on their children while they are at work.

The Woodside Day Nursery has installed web cameras and each parent has a password to get onto the secure system over the internet when they feel they need reassurance that their child is settling in happily. Some have even checked in while abroad.

The nursery of Hazel Grove opened in June and owner Katie Wood explained she had been keen to install CCTV for staff security and this combined system turned out to be a good deal.

She said: "You have to be quite protective because you are dealing with other people's children. They naturally have knocks and bands and you are always explaining to parents how they fell over and you can sometimes see in their eyes a possible doubt."

"We can monitor them and clearly reassure parents that nothing is wrong. You are behind closed doors at the end of the day and it makes us more open."

Nursery manager Julie Pearson said all staff were happy with being filmed and parents were all aware that their child would be under the cameras' security too.

Parents can riase any matters they might spot looking at the visual link. They are limited to only rooms where they can see their own children.

The nursery staff can even add on notes to explain what activities the children are doing.

Parent Kerrie Asberry, of Peterborough Way, Sleaford, leaves her 13-month-old daughter Ella-Louise with the nursery, she was more happy than with the new service and said: "I will log on at work. It is nice for you to be able to see that the children are safe."