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We can help you to find your nearest nursery that has NurseryCam installed. Please note, we would pass your contact details to your nearest childcare provider, and it is at the childcare provider's discretion to contact you.

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NurseryCam - Parental Webcam

Parental Webcam

The parental Webcam gives parents the opportunity to 'drop in' via the internet at any time. It helps to reassure parents by letting them see for themselves how happy their child is at day nursery - and the great job your staff do every day. It gives parents the opportunity to be more involved in their children's daily activities. It is not surprising that, given the choice, most parents would choose a day nursery that has a Parental Webcam installed.

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Mobile app for parents

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store

Benefit to Nursery Staff

Authority to set the time allowance viewing per day for parents.

Provide parent with an emotional connection with their children without knowing every detail in the nursery setting.

Enjoy longer period of recording to ensure all unexpected incidents can be tracked.


CCTV gives maximum protection and security for staff and children in your care, assuring parents that their children are in a safe place. It also avoid mis-understandings and false accusations by providing vital evidence that protect your day nursery and staff from any unfair accusations.

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Nursery Website

You can show off your day nursery on the web by having an individual bespoke website that matches your nursery's philosophy and image; and deliver information for new parents only via one easy-to-update website. Our inclusive e-marketing campaign helps to promote your nursery effectively on-line.

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